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Voice of customer inspired copywriting

Hi and a BIG friendly Welcome from me, Anneka Jones.

I'm a copywriter, or "online salesperson", as I've been called in the past.

The best piece of advice I got whilst growing up: "Words aren't cheap". For every project I've worked on, I've applied this thought. I painstakingly research the voice of the customer so that I know that what I write will be focused on the buyer's pains and desires. I consider which psychological triggers to leverage, and organise the copy into a suitable, persuasive framework.

All of this is to say: I don't make it up. Inspiration doesn't come from the clouds. My process means the sales copy I write helps clients' marketing materials work harder for their businesses.

Feel free to check out the work I have done in the past below. Are there any projects that catch your eye?

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