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Web copy refresh

Project type

Website copy refresh/brand copywriting


Mississauga, ON, Canada

The "problem":
The Holiday Inn, Mississauga, Ontario hired me to give their website copy a refresh. Since launching, the Holiday Inn brand had refined its' brand copywriting guidelines, and the existing website was out of tune and dated in terms of its' tone of voice.

Sister site research bolstered my approach:
Researching similar Holiday Inn websites in the Canadian market helped me to understand how the brand expressed itself using its new tone of voice guidelines. I also conducted some light research into what local customers thought of certain facilities at each hotel, leveraging their specific language (where permitted by the guidelines) to highlight those same facilities and their benefits at the Mississauga hotel.

The final product:
A 10-page website that primarily focused on highlighting each individual service and facility at the hotel, whilst working within the brand guidelines to address the reader "as a joyful companion".
Please visit their website here:

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