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You need your copy to do the heavy-lifting for your sales.

(That’s why you’re here!)

You know you’re not looking for a “creative” or a wordsmith. 


You’re over stumbling around in the dark. Guessing what might work with an increasingly marketing-savvy audience is too risky - they’re easily turned off by poor messaging. 


Plus: you’re busy running your own business! You don’t want to “bottleneck” your own marketing. 


You’re in the market for a copywriter you can depend on, but, naturally, you’re worried about little and bigs things like:


> it takes time to brief a copywriter about my business, customers and marketing activities; what happens if you disappear after just one project?


> there are no guarantees that the new copy will generate more sales and leads anyway (this is true, the success of your marketing activities also depends on email list hygiene, website effectiveness, your market niche and product/service offering suitability)

it’s an extra outsourcing expense; I already have a great little marketing team. What if you’re unreliable and miss deadlines?

> I’m heavily invested in the success of my company, how can you, an outsider come in and “get” what my customers/clients need?


I’m writing my own copy and everything is fine, leads are trickling in nicely. So, why take the risk of potentially messing it all up?

> what in case you’re just another mini content mill, pumping out template-style copy blocks, simply updated with my company’s name?

If only you could land on a website where the copywriter you are considering for hire could convince you; using their own copy!


Well, here we go:


No hard selling. No flowery writing. And no more guessing!
Just research-backed copy that knows how to coach your customer or client toward the dec


How do I achieve this? By using the following three ingredients: 

Voice of customer research

Tried and tested frameworks & formulas

Psychological triggers


That’s great, Anneka” I hear you say…

but how does this help my business?" 🧐


It means you get copy that fits like a jigsaw piece into your existing marketing activities and resources: 



Landing page
Sale page


Email sequences that make the most of your contact lists: 

☑️ Lead nurturing sequences

☑️ Sales promotion sequences 

☑️ Rengagement sequences

Supplied in google doc format, x2 revisions always included 




Articulate your VALUE consistently across all channels 














Why would you need this? 

Having a messaging recommendation report is like having a personalised guide to help you write copy for your business. Yes, you read that correctly: you can use it to write. Your team can refer to it whenever they write a simple email or social media post. It means you can be sure that at every single point where your customers/clients interact with your business, they get the same “feel” for what your company can deliver to them specifically. Consistent messaging is key when it comes to nurturing leads and building trust with customers/clients. If you don’t need a go-to pro copywriter, but know you’re stuck when it comes to telling prospects why they should buy from you, then this report is a great way to start communicating your value NOW.


NB: A messaging report differs from a brand tone of voice document, which is based on your brand values, mission, and vision. With the messaging report, I aim to equip you with a value proposition and sample copy that speaks directly to your ideal prospects and customers, based on their own language, paint points, and insights to maximise conversion opportunities. 




Landing page copy that puts your leads firmly on the journey from problem aware towards ready to convert

☑️ No word limit: the copy is as long as it needs to be to do the job it’s intended to do!

Supplied in google doc format, in wireframe and X2 revisions always included

I’ll check in with you after the research is complete and before fleshing out the body copy to make sure expectations are on track



Sales page copy without the hard-sell

☑️ No word limits here either!

Supplied in google doc format, in wireframe and X2 revisions always included

As with my landing page copywriting service above, we'll have a check-in to agree on expectations




Case study copy that contributes to your strategy; not just making you look good! 

☑️ Choose your format for different marketing channels: bitesize; chunky; heavyweight

Supplied in google doc format and X2 revisions always included

case study


Get a Messaging recommendations report, based on Voice of customer research. Includes:

> Detailed description of your ideal "One Reader"
> Value proposition choices (i.e. what makes you stand out from competitors and why does that matter to your prospects?)
> Sample copy (suggested headers, body copy & CTAs)


Value prop


Are you thinking "Why should you be the one to write my copy, Anneka?"  ➡️ Here's why 

What if you don't like the copy I write for you? ➡️ See my process

Wondering if I've got a portfolio to share with you? ➡️ I do! 



Perfect for you if: 

> you’re staring at a blank page and its overwhelming

> copywriting is on your to-do list and it’s just staying there whilst your business trundles along

> your marketing team is fabulous but has little time to spare and is unspecialised in the intricacies involved with effective copywriting 

> you’re tired of combing through Upwork and Fiver for a pro copywriter

> you're having trouble communicating the value of your offering and how this sets you apart from competitors

> visitors to your website aren't converting into buyers (high bounce rates!), and you need a fresh expert eye to tell you what is likely working, and what is not

> you don't feel confident with your current messaging, are unsure about what to name your packages, and lack creative taglines 

> finding your tone of voice hasn't been easy, and it's lacking cohesivity across your marketing channels 

> you don’t need a full-time hire, but someone who can fit into your existing team and work with your strategy 




Choose me if you’re looking for a copywriter who’s easy to work with, uncovers hidden opportunities (like with Archie Juice!) and creates copy that:


✔️ does the heavy-lifting for your pre-existing marketing and sales activities;


✔️ matches your brand tone of voice like a glove;


✔️ leverages research you already have (because, why reinvent the wheel?);


✔️ considers your CRO, SEO and UX activities 


✔️ and can be varied for A/B and MTV testing



Sound good to you?

Try this: your first call is on me!


Find out for FREE how I can help make your copy work harder for you.


Book in a half-hour discovery call with me, (no charge) and tell me: what’s your biggest need right NOW?

Could it be: 

> You need to shake the dust off of some old email lists and reignite your customer relationships?

> You're seeing visitors on your landing pages but fewer conversions than you’d have hoped for? 
> You might know what your differentiator/USP is, but you don't know how to communicate this effectively, using your voice?
> You need some creative slogans for your marketing campaign, pronto?  


Just some ideas!

Let's talk. There’s no pressure to work with me afterward. You won’t receive hundreds of emails from me- just one quick follow-up to see how you’d like to move forward after our chat.


Curious? Give it a try in just one click! 



Xavier Laurendeau, Co-founder, Drop Production

"Anneka's writing taps into the exact emotions that make people want to buy our products."

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