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Are you thinking
"Why should I hire you, Anneka?"

Here's why: 



☑️ Direct response copywriting campaign (landing page, email sequence + sales letter) for “Bioprocess International” pharmaceuticals conference achieved revenue of USD2,000 per delegate/ 70K+ total


☑️ sales deck and pitch delivery secured 80% sales BEFORE fieldwork was completed for R3’s Agency report


☑️ Generated additional revenue of USD160,000+ from an international Automotive client by identifying and matching the (newly appointed) CFO’s needs to PwC service solutions

☑️ Cold email campaign secured 8-10 new (and thoroughly screened) business leads for R3 sales meetings per month….


…wait, aren't these more “salesy” results?

Yes! I started out in marketing and business development before I began focusing my skills and offering as a copywriter. I understand the whole marketing process and customer journey, and how copywriting underpins this.

Who's hired me?

​​I’ve worked in-house as a marketer, running campaigns from cradle to grave and EVERYTHING in between. I've worked for individual clients writing copy for very distinct industries and markets. Check out my Linked in profile for more details here

What to expect from working with me: the ideal process

1). Connect with me! Tell me about your business, and your offering, what makes it different, and what you need

2). We’ll have a “discovery call” on the phone - like it’s the 80s again - to discuss your need. Just a quick chat at this stage. If we both feel we’re a good fit, and I have the right skill set and offering to help you, we’ll start the brief.


3). I’ll send you a brief to complete in as much detail as you possibly can: this will dictate what goes into the SOW, containing timelines, milestones, check-ins and more.


4). I’ll send you the SOW, asking for a 50% deposit.


5). Once the deposit is received, my time is booked. I’ll begin phase 1: carrying out research in addition to what you’ve already shared with me.


6). Check-in: I’ll share what I have found and suggestions for messaging before I move on with the copy


7). I’ll start fleshing out the main copy, leveraging heavily from the research to do so. 


8). I’ll deliver draft 1 in google doc format. 

9). You’ll review draft 1 as soon as possible, and I’ll make the agreed changes. We will also carry out a 5-second Validation Test of the most salient copy sections to ensure the copy hits the right spot.

10). You implement! I might ask for a testimonial:)

Who's hired me
what if

We’re a perfect match if


☑️ you’re clear on what you offer and what your USP is (even better, you know what your value proposition is)


☑️ you understand I don’t provide guarantees. The marketing process is dependent on many components in addition to copywriting: for example, the quality of your email data, your offering, if you’re clear on your USP, website design and performance, etc. 


☑️ you have a pre-existing marketing strategy


☑️ you aren’t looking for a marketing manager: I don’t manage email lists, work on segmentation, schedule sending, web copy CMS or email copy EMS input etc. My focus and how I can make the biggest difference to your business is by providing tried and tested copywriting.  


☑️ if you’re looking for email copy, you take list hygiene seriously. 


☑️ you understand there are legal limitations to my responsibility, in particular, before you hit publish, you are responsible for checking the process of lead generation complies with data collection guidelines, such as GDPR, the Data Protection Act and similar laws in your jurisdiction 


☑️ you’re looking for a copywriter that focuses on conversions. I am not a SEO copywriter, however I can include keywords in any webcopy I create in a natural way, as long as you provide the specific words. The copy that I produce is specifically geared towards nurturing conversions, not web traffic.


☑️ you’re not looking for a designer. But, I can provide what’s called a “wireframe” for any web copy I create for you. This really helps you to see how the copy can work together with imagery and layout for best results. 


The what ifs……

> " what if I don’t agree with or like what you have written for me? "

Tell me as early as possible. Be as specific as possible. I do provide x2 revisions in the project, and we will have a meeting to discuss copy direction AFTER the research has been assessed and BEFORE I flesh out the copy to agree on messaging. This means we’re likely to avoid any issues whilst working together before they arise.


> " what if I need a quick turnaround? "

Tell me exactly what you need and expect, and I can adjust my ideal working process as needed. 


> " what if I have existing web copy, emails, and case studies? "

I’m happy to audit or copy-edit your pre-existing copy. As always, let me know what you need and we’ll go from there 


You could keep going as you are…

…but then you’ll never know how much time and effort as well as potential $$$ you could save.

You could take the psychological triggers, frameworks and formulas and perform your own VoC with synthesis and apply all of this to your chosen marketing asset. There are some excellent resources online and even free templates! 


But I’m assuming you're looking for outside experienced support, or you simply don’t have the time to commit to creating effective copy for your campaign. 


It’s easy to get overwhelmed with the many facets of running a company, no matter how big or small... not to mention the copywriting! 


Let’s find a way to reduce the overwhelm and guesswork of copywriting.

Connect with me today to discuss ways in which I can help with your next marketing activity.



P.S. If you email me to find out how my services could help your business, there is no obligation to work with me afterward. I won’t hound you with marketing emails. I will send a simple friendly follow-up email only once, that’s it. After all, we know the days of hard-selling are thankfully, over.

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