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value proposition copywriting

Value proposition and Sales page copywriting

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Value proposition & Sales page


Montreal, Canada

The "problem":
Co-Founder of Archie Juice, Mike Ades, had turned to a PR agency (which offered to "throw" a 5-page website into the service package) to drum up some noise about his new product: a kids' juice that contained veggies as well as fruit. The product was finalised, and the label designed. Just one issue: Mike needed some "sales copy".

The research reveals something unexpected:
After hearing about my work, Mike got in touch to ask if I could help him pull together the main sales page for his website. After we'd sat down, and I'd asked as many questions about the product as Mike could just about stand (!), my attention turned to his audience: why would parents buy Archie juice over the other juice they were already buying at the supermarket...which is right at their fingertips. And already on their shopping list. (Archie juice was not yet on the supermarket shelves and only available to order from Mike himself). Mike's first answer was "Veggies. Archie juice contains veggies, and parents are always trying to get kids to eat more healthy things, like veggies."

Mike had a point. However, some initial research I carried out with a small focus group showed that parents, whilst attracted by the veggie content, would be more intent to actually buy Archie juice because of an up-til-that-moment unmentioned reason: Archie juice had the lowest amount of SUGAR when compared directly with supermarket juice. This insight suddenly changed the whole value proposition for Archie juice.

Always meet the customer "where they are":
Armed with this information, I was able to write a compelling value proposition headline and accompanying paragraph for Archie Juice:
"Now you can stop worrying about what's in your kid's juice.
With only 7g of sugar per bottle, and packed with fruit and veg, Archie juice is a great way to get nutrients into your kids whilst hydrating them!"

Problem, Agitation, Solution:
The research also helped me to address the main "problem" parents face whilst buying drinks for their kids: "I always look at the label to
see what else is 'hiding' in my kid's juice" became the hook for the sales page. I was able to agitate this "problem" in the following paragraph to really connect with the reader: i.e. "meet them where they're at".

Supporting benefit:
The veggie component of the messaging became a secondary benefit, further down the sales page. The research showed that parents were happy with how they were already currently getting veggies into their kids' diets (e.g. via pasta sauce), and therefore were less likely to change to buying Archie juice based on just that reason alone.

The finished product:
After two rewrites, I supplied the sales page copy to Mike in a wireframe (see image below!) so that we could see how the copy would work with the design.

I also prepared some copy for several Facebook posts as Mike was already growing quite the following there. These were used to pull visitors to the main sales page.

Mike Ades, Co-Founder, Archie Juice:

"Anneka somehow managed to incorporate many of my own thoughts and those of my target market into a clear and concise value proposition that will now take pride of place on all the main entry points to our website. We wouldn't hesitate to hire her again."

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