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creative tagline copywriting

Creative tagline

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Creative tagline, copy & design


Montreal, Canada

The "problem":
Just opening doors on Monkland highstreet, Christine Schleifler needed help with getting the word out about her new "all things self-care under one roof" business, Fika Studio.

After having dropped a postcard to more than 2,000 homes in the immediate residential area (with limited results - one reader was quoted as saying "just another juice bar"), she was getting ready to "hit" them again with the same postcard, until I suggested a few changes...

Never skip the research phase:
I'd asked around, and those who had paid attention to the postcard had dismissed it as "just another juice bar", and "what does Fika even mean?". It was clear to me that asides from using the word "fika" in her branding, Christine needed to hone her messaging to help her target market understand what her business could do for them, and how it could make their lives better. Initial face to face research and social media monitoring showed how women in their early 20s- mid 40s were really beginning to take better care of themselves. That it was no longer considered "self indulgent" but as a real ingredient for a happier way of life. Lifting the key word "glowing" from the research (mentioned several times!), I created the tagline: "Let's get you glowing from the inside out!" This tagline also encompassed the full range of services Fika studio had to offer.

The final product:
Christine still liked the idea of a mail drop, so we agreed I would write the copy for a print leaflet, that could also be posted and shared online with a full price list of each service offering. I was also responsible for the look and layout of the leaflet, so that I could ensure the copy worked well with the design. Having a background in direct response copywriting, I also helped Christine track the effectiveness of this leaflet by including a label code for first time customers wanting to claim the 10% discount.

Christine also hired me to create a business card and another postcard as part of the campaign.

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