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Blog & Newsletter content

Project type

Blog post & newsletter content writing


Jan 2020


Montreal, Canada

The "problem":
bNurture's Director, Geraldine Roy sought a content writer to help produce educational blog posts for the company website and quarterly newsletter, targeting marketing professionals at both SME and multinational corporations. Already busy with running the company and delivering services, she needed to free up time and find a writer to produce the exact content she knew she needed.

The Result:
The first post I wrote focused on a well-known, relatable subject in the field of marketing (buyer personas). The content aimed to encourage readers to update their personas on a regular basis by providing practical steps to do so. I also wrote about lesser well-known tips to make sure the content brought something new and useful to readers' investment of their time in reading it. We leveraged the opportunity to include a logical ascension path (signing up to the newsletter) on the blog post version.

Read the full version here:

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