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A homepage that focuses on differentiation.

"Anneka doesn’t just do the work – she guides you through the process. Her detailed questions help define and illuminate your needs, producing a strategy tailored to fit the market. I found her quick response time and regular check-ins invaluable. Working with Anneka has helped me gain insight into my own professional goals."

                                                                                                             Arielle Aaronson, Literary Translator

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The brief

A “home” to present a literary translator’s portfolio and generate leads for new contracts. No free first-time translations or other offers were to be promoted.  



  • A simple website that personifies the translator’s self-professed “bookwormy” yet sassy character through an informal tone that feels like a one-to-one conversation.

  • I don't tell but instead, show the reader how the translator promises to deliver quality work that doesn’t stray from the author’s voice; “well told”; “stay true"; "feel the original penmanship”; "vigorous editing".     

  • Localization is a key requirement for a professional translator, yet competitors fell short of promoting this all-important skill on their own marketing materials. Here I put it up front as a compelling reason to work with Arielle. 

  • The FAQs screen potential leads, allowing her to qualify and convert the "right" clients.

  • Two call-to-action points push visitors to get in touch in addition to her contact me details. 

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