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An Instagram campaign that gets you out of bed to run.



The why

#istillrun campaign with two objectives:
1). Targets women to encourage more winter weather running apparel directs sales;

2). Helpful, inspirational content to encourage people to continue running in order to maintain engagement with current followers over the winter months and attract new ones.  

It targets women as statistics show that female runners are more likely to use social media to discuss running activities, share training details, and for social networking.

The how


  • Duration: Mid Jan until mid-March, when the Xmas and New Year buzz has run out of steam, and people are tempted to hibernate.

  • Tone: Challenges readers to keep running, but provides encouragement, advice and a sense of community to those who run through the winter. It’s conversational and informal.

  • Campaign tests longer form copy in captions. 

  • Angle: Followers don’t want to see themselves as defeated by the winter. They dread having to start training from scratch again in the spring.

  • #istillrun hashtag: used alongside brand and community tags in BIO and captions.

  • Filter: Images and videos use blue tones to associate the brand with cool crisp winter vibes.

  • Shoppable tags: On all product images and videos to enable direct sales.

  • Aspirational content: defiant girl running into the wind wearing Ghost 11 GTX sneakers, splashing through puddles. Shorter (15 secs) edit for stories feature and longer version (60 secs) for in-stream video.

  • Engagement: Tagging friends, #istillrun hashtag for competition entry, sharing running tips. 

  • Influencer marketing: expert winter running tips and failure quotes (because we’re human) collected from interviews with well-known runners in the community.

  • Cross-promotion: Shamrock Shuffle half marathon 

  • Multi-channel promotion: Each caption contains call-to-action to follow a link to “wet weather running gear” landing page. Landing page links to Instagram feed. #istillrun competition landing page, and included in the website's main menu.

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