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A brochure that targets HNWI for more $$$

"It's a joy to work with Anneka. She's incisive and intuitive with a laser focus on ensuring your message is communicated clearly and effectively. Her work is world-class - the result of much relevant training, qualifications and hands-on experience/ responsibility in the global marketplace. I highly recommend Anneka to you.

                                                                                                                   - Ruaraidh Butler, Founder, YLC             

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Protected document. Curious to see more? Email me

The brief

Your Life Counts (YLC) is a charity that helps people say No to suicide.

Ruaraidh Butler, Founder needed to take YLC to the next level to help more survivors by boosting the organisation's capabilities and resources. He asked me to develop an "Ask document" to target HNWIs with an ambitious goal in mind; to raise CAD $7 million.   

The outcome

Personal experiences, anecdotes and stories of those affected by suicide are central to this document. These "insider" details open up a difficult topic that few feel comfortable to discuss. They appeal to our natural interest in other humans, our empathetic side, and perhaps most importantly; that we can be affected by suicide either directly or indirectly at any time in our lives. 


We're surrounded by a world in which everyone says "Yes". I pitched the simple front cover borrowing from YLC's brand message "No" to the Global Advisory Board (who readily accepted it) because it evokes curiosity. It avoids being dismissed as just another charity brochure. Upon turning to the second page, the target receives the crushing truth that "800 miilion+ people die by suicide every year", followed by a clear CTA (which continues all the way through the document) that reminds that target it's within their power and responsibility to help. 

YLC's story is an equally integral part of the "Ask". It documents the charity's early years, but gently highlights the setbacks, the lack of serious funding and support needed to fight a growing global epidemic.  

This is a protected document, owned by YLC. If you would like to see the full 32-page version, please email me directly.

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