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A landing page that educates before it sells. 

"Anneka created a well thought of and properly articulated landing page for YogaPlus. She took the key pieces of information I gave her and did a great job of capturing the essence of what I wanted to communicate about me and my business. She made the process so easy. I enjoyed working with her and appreciate all the effort and time she put into helping me". 

                                                                                                   - Elyse Tannenbaum, Owner, YogaPlus

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The brief

Yoga Plus needed to educate its' potential target clients about what Hormone Yoga Therapy (HYT) is before the studio could begin selling it as a 1.5 day workshop.  

The outcome

Initial voice of customer research showed that of the few who were already familiar with HYT, most were already yoga practitioners, and could attest to its' many benefits. I used their precise words to create the headline and direct much of the body copy content. I used my go-to copywriting framework (PAS) to position HYT as the solution to common female hormone-related issues. The copy was optimized for intent-based keyword inclusion in a natural manner to appeal to both search engines and searcher motivation. I provided the final copy in a wireframe format (click above wireframe thumbnail for more detail) which was shared with Yogaplus' designer to build the landing page.

The end result thoughtfully educates the reader on an alternative and relatively unknown treatment to what can be a sensitive subject. The copy provides testimonials, an educational lead gen magnet and a clear outline of benefits to encourage bookings, with frequent calls to action throughout.  

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