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Dialogue scriptwriting and more!

The brief

Drop Production is a video production company that is new in its niche. It specialises in creating short product and review videos ads for eCommerce products for a very low cost. They needed a dialogue that could explain what they offer, who can benefit from it, and what makes them unique- all under 2 mins!


I worked with Drop Production on a number of scripts for eCommerce video ads, so I had a rich understanding of what they did before scriptwriting for their sales video commenced. What made them stand out to me was how practical they were with filming; paring down all the unnecessary components of video production so that the video content focuses on the product as much as possible. I positioned them in the video as the antidote to Madison-avenue-style advertising. The script antagonizes prospective clients' pain points and encourages eCommerce store owners to stand out by commissioning customs made video ads that get clicks for less $$$.  

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