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A sales brochure with an important message for everyone.

"I’ve used Anneka since we first opened our doors to the public and continue to use her for all of our marketing needs. I am a huge proponent of word of mouth recommendations, as I believe they are the most authentic - take this as one of those and you won’t be disappointed".

                                                      - Christina Schleifer, Founder, Fika Studios             

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The brief

Fika studio is a startup with a strong message: taking time out for yourself means you'll have MORE not less, to offer others. Christine Schleifer, Fika's Founder and owner needed a brochure that would support her sales team in promoting the studio's key services and brand message. 

The outcome

This brochure puts Christine at its core: giving Fika a face. The target audience can relate to her personal statement, and feel encouraged to invest in their personal self-care in a safe and empathetic environment. 

Asides from detailing the various services and packages offered at Fika, I included some helpful nutritional tips, meaningful testimonials, and self-care ideas "for the fridge" to give the reader a real reason to keep it/share with others. 


Promoting Fika's social media presence was a big goal of this brochure. Both Facebook and Instagram accounts are linked to the online version and the copy has been optimized for online PDF search.  

This was a copy-to-completion project wherein I was also responsible for producing the design and layout ready for printing. 

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