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Why hire THIS copywriter?

You’re busy and don’t need the extra stress of writing effective copy yourself.

But, you need to know this writer won’t let you down.


You need some confidence in what I can do for you.


My 6 step process is transparent. It makes sure that you get exactly what you expect…and some! I get to know you and your business from the outset, invest time in research and discovery, and coupled with my writing experience, you get the copy that meets your marketing goals:

We’ve agreed what your exact needs are and how I can make a difference. A 50% deposit secures your spot with me.

We agree on a tailored research plan that focuses on collecting relevant data on you and your business, the Voice of the Customer and competitor analysis. 

Before I put the proverbial pen to paper, I’ll present my findings to you in a quick strategy call so that we can agree on a way forwards and manage expectations.

I pull out every single useful bit of intel from the research to identify opportunities to differentiate your brand, find the right balance of emotional triggers and pick out key messaging and trends.


I create the first draft, relying on tried and tested formulas to produce quality copy that aims to meet your specific goals. You’ll receive the first draft in word/google docs/wireframe - whichever is easier for you!

You provide feedback on the first draft, and I make the changes and present them to you. I include x2 revisions in the project fee, because I want it to be 100% perfect for both of us.

Once I receive the final balance, I will submit all final documents to you, and we’re happy!

Great process. Can you guarantee results?

If copywriting alone where the silver bullet when it comes to selling, getting leads or attracting a following, we could do away with product development, marketing strategy, list hygiene and other components of the marketing process.


Great copywriting works with and definitely strengthens your pre-existing marketing activities. So-so copywriting fails to connect, and risks opening the door to competitors.  


What I can guarantee is complete access to me whilst we work together. We’re partners.

Also, that whatever results we get, we can learn from to test variants (A/B split and MTV testing) to continually improve: just as your target audience’s needs and wants change, so must your copy constantly evolve alongside this.

Let your copy do the heavy lifting for you.

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