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Offer + positioning in an already crowded marketplace. 

"All I can say is wow! Her work is amazing and she is fast! Looking forward to working more together. 🙏🏻 thank you thank you thank you"

                                                                    - Sonya Fernandez, Owner, Fika Studios             

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The brief

The outcome

With the growing trend for "proof over promises" in the fitness industry, when it came to positioning the brand, I focused on using the experiences of previous clients by incorporating testimonials and before and after images. Instead of making brand promises, I chose to build authenticity and trust by emphasizing Fitclub24's commitment to helping its' clients "learn the truth about fitness and nutrition"; this was a theme that kept popping up in my VoC research.


Competitor research had also indicated that committing physical space for the training schedule on the marketing materials (as opposed to directing prospects to the website) reduced barriers to following through on the call to action.   

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