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Cold email copy that got 8-10 new business leads per month. 

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The brief

Identify and contact high potential new business leads from scratch via cold emailing. 

The outcome

The above copy is a SAMPLE of the cold emailing I carried out whilst working for R3.


I created curiosity in the subject line to entice the receiver to open the email. I delivered on what the subject line promised in the email body but used it to showcase R3's successful project case study with Pfizer, a well-recognized client. The email moves straight to a call-to-action which highlights what R3 could also do to make the reader's life easier. There is a promise that "it will be worth your time". The time slots options make it easy for the reader to reply, removing any potential obstacles. The P.S encourages the reader to visit R3's website and explore the company service offering further.  


These types of emails secured 8-10 new business leads per month in Shanghai, China, where R3 did not have as strong a reputation as in Beijing. 

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