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More leads & more sales

That's what you're looking for. Not "nice" words. 


You need better results from your marketing materials. 


Want to see how copywriting could make a BIG difference?


….scrolling to get a better feel for what I can do for you? 

Are you unconvinced by the idea of hiring an outsider to find your voice and communicate your value? Or, perhaps you’ve had your fingers burned in the past when working with an expert writer didn’t work out as you’d hoped? 


Knowing how I work, who’s hired me, as well as my background experience is a pretty good place to start:

"Ok, sell me with your clients, Anneka!"

Anna Bolton, Owner, Conversion Copywriting Co.


"Anneka doesn't simply guess at what the target audience wants to hear. Instead, her detailed research process unveils hidden gems that make her writing click with prospects and returning customers to get results. Flexible and creative when it comes to writing style, she can write copy that is right on brand, but maintains focus on the customers' needs throughout. An absolute pro to work with, and I'd highly recommend working with her!"

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Mike Ades, Co-Founder, Archie Juice 


"Anneka somehow managed to incorporate many of my own thoughts and those of my target market into a clear and concise value proposition that will now take pride and place on all the main entry points to our website. We wouldn't hesitate to hire her again."

Kathleen Bateman Director Child Development YMCA


"Anneka has the ability to take a core concept and transform it into a piece of work that can be used in multiple forums. Her ability to listen to the needs of the organization and her marketing expertise enabled me to bring my vision to reality. She is organized, and thoughtful, and keeps projects moving forward. I highly recommend her as she will be an asset to any organization."

S.Ruaraidh Butler; Founder & CEO; YLC International Inc. 

"Anneka has a world-class gift in communicating complex and difficult scenarios in ways that are readily understood by all. We recommend Anneka to you without reservation."

Christina Schleifer, Founder, Fika Studios


"​​I’ve used Anneka since we first opened our doors to the public and continue to use her for all of our marketing needs. Her attention to detail, turnaround time and professionalism is exceptional. I am a huge proponent of word of mouth recommendations, as I believe they are the most authentic - take this as one of those - you won’t be disappointed."

Xavier Laurendeau, Co-founder, Drop Production


"Anneka's writing taps into the exact emotions that make people want to buy our products."

Arielle Aaronson, Translation Services Quebec


"Anneka doesn’t just do the work – she guides you through the process. Her detailed questions help define and illuminate your needs, producing a strategy tailored to fit the market. I found her quick response time and regular check-ins invaluable."

Elyse Tannenbaum, Owner, YogaPlus


"Anneka created a well thought out and properly articulated landing page for YogaPlus. She took the key pieces of information I gave her and did a great job of capturing the essence of what I wanted to communicate about me and my business. She made the process so easy."

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