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A flyer that gets calls.

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The brief

The “Y” needed to get the word out about its preschool programme before Open Day.   

The outcome

A bilingual Flyer in print and online that creates awareness of and sets the YMCA Preschool programme apart from others.


I collected testimonials from current parents to “dig out the gold” from the logical and emotional reasons why they chose the “Y” for their children. These nuggets formed the FUN and intellectual reasons why prospective kids should attend. And, most importantly, provided key words (“safe hands”, “village”, “part of the family”) to create emotional hooks. The takeaway here is that the flyer targets two audiences; the parent (the buyer) and the child (the end-user). To connect with parents, who make the choice on behalf of their little ones, I used a bright encouraging tone to mimic that of any well-loved teacher, and complete with superhero images, conjured up childhood nostalgia.   

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