Hi there!

I'm Anneka, just the copywriter you've been looking for. 

Using proven copywriting techniques and a solid research process, I’m here to help you thrive not just survive.


If you’re clear on what you offer, have an existing marketing strategy and want to find your own go-to copywriter, you and I are going to be great partners.

Here are just some of the companies, big and small I've worked with: 

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In a hurry?

Here are the essentials about me:

Who else has hired you?

Over the 8+ years I’ve been working in-house I’ve been super busy running campaigns from cradle to grave and EVERYTHING in between. That meant I always wrote my own copy, honing and perfecting my writing skills all the while. Who's hired me? I've worked for big international companies such as Pricewaterhouse Coopers (PwC) and Informa Plc, as well as smaller outfits. Check out my Linked in profile for more details here

So....why should I hire you?

I’m bold, I’m bright, and bursting with ideas. I know how to evoke (not emote) emotion. I know how to narrate (not dictate). What's my USP? I'd rather focus on finding your USP. Maybe you already know it? But are you using it to its full potential? Is there more than one?! With my campaign background, I know exactly how to permeate what makes you special throughout all your messaging, whilst keeping the angle fresh.


2015 Chartered Institute of Marketing (CIM) Diploma in Professional Marketing: Strategic marketing, Mastering metrics and Digital strategy.

Industry experience?

I’ve written long and short form conversion & branded copy for professional services, events, pharma, auto and travel & tourism.

Can you work remotely?

Absolutely, yes.

What's it like working with you?

Easy. I never miss a deadline. There are no "surprises" when working with me because I ask a lot of all the right questions up front, and listen carefully to what you need from me. I'm fun! I'll never stop coming up with ideas for your marketing activities. Never. See my process here

Where are you based?

I’m loving living in Montreal and have been here for 5+ years already.

Sum yourself up.

I'm a Canadian/Brit which means I love coffee and tea in equal measure. I have a glass-always-half-full mindset and I’m a diehard perfectionist; I’m always looking to build and improve my skills (my swipe files are bursting). I love words, I love language. I never give up until everyone’s happy with the results.

Generated additional revenue of USD160,000+ from an international Automotive client by identifying and matching the (newly appointed) CFO’s needs to PwC service solutions


Direct response copywriting campaign (landing page, email sequence + sales letter) for “Bioprocess International” pharmaceuticals conference achieved revenue of USD2,000 per delegate/ 70K+ total


Cold email campaign secured 8-10 new (and thoroughly screened) business leads for R3 sales meetings per month


Preparation of sales deck and pitch delivery secured 80% sales BEFORE fieldwork was completed for R3’s Agency report

Here’s why I’m the right copywriter for you:


Great copywriting is like having a real-life salesperson on paper/ across your webpages.


And I’ve been a salesperson forever.


Before I became a freelance copywriter, I was:

  • a Marketing & Business Development Executive for a Business travel & tourism agency 

  • a Marketing Manager at Informa Plc, running multiple campaigns for Healthcare & Pharmaceuticals sector conferences

  • and a Business Development & Marketing Manager at Pricewaterhouse Coopers.


As a Biz Dev Manager, I would tailor everything to my target. I would make it my mission to research everything about that individual before my sales meeting. I’d actively listen to all their pains, aches and complaints like an Agony Aunt. Then, I’d use all this intel in our next pitch. I made it all about them. Same with all my marketing campaigns.


And this worked:

That’s great Anneka, I hear you say.

But how does this affect me?


I’m qualified. More than just my 8+ years of marketing & BD experience, I gained my Diploma in Professional Marketing from the Chartered Institute of Marketing in 2015. I specialized in strategic marketing, marketing metrics, and digital strategy.





This means, that unlike some copywriters, I understand the whole marketing process.


In terms of your everyday role, I know where my copywriting can make the BIGGEST difference.

I also have a few other qualifications:

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My copywriting works with your strategy. 


        It does the heavy-lifting for your pre-existing marketing and sales activities;

        matches your brand tone of voice like a glove;

        leverages research you already have (because, why reinvent the wheel?);

        considers your CRO, SEO and UX activities 

        and can be varied for A/B and MTV testing.


My copywriting can be injected exactly where you need it to help you reach your marketing goals.